Our teachers shape our communities from pre-school to post-secondary!

We want to celebrate the educators of the Annapolis Valley by awarding the 89.3 K-Rock Teacher of the Month with awesome prizes and lots of on-air high fives! 

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89.3 K-Rock Teacher of the Month!

On the last Friday of every month, Uncle Darrin will announce the
89.3 K-Rock Teacher of the Month!

The Teacher of the Month wins:

A 1 hour massage from Julie Skaling Physiotherapy Clinic  

$100 gift certificate for OK Tire (get a wheel alignment or oil change) from Wanda Graves 

 $50 gift card to the Head Shoppe 


Lunch for the entire class from Swiss Chalet 

Thank-you to our sponsors:

Julie Skaling Physiotherapy Clinic

Wanda Graves Re/Max Nova 

The Head Shoppe

Swiss Chalet

Our Teacher of The Month For:  

May 2018: 

Teacher's Name: Sharon Milne

Teacher's School: Berwick and District School

What do they teach? Gr 1/2

Why do you think this teacher should be the 89.3 K-Rock Teacher of the Month?
I think Ms. Milne should be teacher of the month because she is amazing at everything she does. I have had her two years in a row now, and require extra supports, she always knows what I need to further enhance my learning.
Ms. Milne goes out of her way everyday to make sure all her students feel special. I especially like how in the morning she is always at the door greeting us with a smile and sometimes a hug, and at the end of the day she is always there telling us to have a good night. Ms. Milne deserves to be teacher of the month for May,

Your Name: Karla Serino for Tayla Serino (Tayla has Down Syndrome) and I feel that Sharon has done an amazing job with my daughter, she has opened up a whole new Tayla, she is talking much more, and learning so much! Without Sharon I am sure Tayla will not be as successful as she is now  

April 2018: 

Teacher's Name: Sean Connolly
Teacher's School: Avon View High School
What do they teach? The lead teacher of the O2 program (Career Development 10, Community Based Learning 10, O2 Co-op 11 & 12)
Emma Freckelton


March 2018: 

Teacher's Name: Nicole Philpitt 

Teacher's School: Rowan’s Room Respite & Developmental Centre

February 2018: 

Teacher's Name: Bill Dickson

Teacher's School:  Landmark East

January 2018: 

Teacher's Name: Heather Chipman

Teacher's School: Glooscap Elementary

What do they teach? Grade 3

December 2017

Teacher's Name: Timothy Charles

Teacher's School: Horton High School

What do they teach? English/Advanced English 11, Pre-IB English 10, and IB English 11/12

November 2017

Teacher's Name: Melissa Robar
Teacher's School: Kingston Elementary 
What do they teach? French Immersion Primary

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