Our teachers shape our communities from pre-school to post-secondary!

We want to celebrate the educators of the Annapolis Valley by awarding the 89.3 K-Rock Teacher of the Month with awesome prizes and lots of on-air high fives! 

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89.3 K-Rock Teacher of the Month!

On the last Friday of every month, Uncle Darrin will announce the
89.3 K-Rock Teacher of the Month!

The Teacher of the Month wins:

A 1 hour massage from Julie Skaling Physiotherapy Clinic  

$100 gift certificate for OK Tire (get a wheel alignment or oil change) from Wanda Graves 

 $50 gift card to the Head Shoppe 


Lunch for the entire class from Swiss Chalet 

Thank-you to our sponsors:

Julie Skaling Physiotherapy Clinic

Wanda Graves Re/Max Nova 

The Head Shoppe

Swiss Chalet


Our Teacher of the Month for: 

November 2017

Teacher's Name: Melissa Robar
Teacher's School: Kingston Elementary 
What do they teach? French Immersion Primary

Why do you think this teacher should be the 89.3 K-Rock Teacher of the Month?

"In my opinion Madame Robar should be teacher of the month because of the work she does inside and outside of the school/classroom

She is continually bettering herself and learning not only through the school year but during the summer months, so that she can bring fun, educating, teaching ideas into her classroom, keeping things fresh for HER kids and totally fun.

She is one of the most caring teachers I have ever met. She adores ever single one of her kids and you can tell by the way she talks about them
She keeps a very open relationship with the parents throughout the school year by taking time out of her evenings to make personal phone calls to each family, so we can hear updates on how our children are making out. 
Melissa Robar has taught 2/3 of my children in their Primary year. 

She has started them both on a wonderful path of learning through her caring, loving, nurturing teaching manner. Every child holds a special place in her heart and she holds a very special place in mine, because she has given my kids a love for learning and school." 

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